​​DAFFA is the mini marketplace for the handcrafted, outlandish and eclectic, offering the opportunity for you to fill holes in both your home & just life in general. 

DAFFA is all about making the mundane as magical, the boring as absorbing & the just okay as majestic as possible. Think white horse on the beach, a fresh hibiscus flower or that first sip of coffee in the morning. That’s the vibe.

Alex Daffara is the creative mind & driving force behind DAFFA, instilling her passion for design, ceramics, architecture & interiors into a big ol’ ball & squishing it into what you see here around you. Alex is passionate about every single detail & touchpoint surrounding DAFFA, like the family dog, she just loves the heck out of it. 

After almost a decade of printing her style onto t-shirts, the growing yearning to break free of the fabric box took over. The sketchbooks she had filled either in the middle of the night or frantically on lunch breaks were now the cornerstone for the new adventure & as of early January 2022, DAFFA is a dream no more.

Now as the internet says, “Watch this space!! Big things coming…“

We believe the spaces you spend the most time in should inspire & make you feel warm inside. Here you’ll find a curated marketplace of bespoke handcrafted homewares, art & gifts that will level up these spaces.